Gizmag covers the TTXGP Wiki

January 12, 2010

Some favorable coverage today from Gizmag.com:

The highly innovative TTXGP organization, which has already created several national and international electric motorcycle racing series, continues to show the way forward for the future of motorsport management. In yet another groundbreaking move, TTXGP has acknowledged the limitations of committee-based systems for framing rules, and created a wiki that allows global input to be filtered through technical expertise to frame a better set of rules for everyone. “Rules are core to keeping a championship alive with innovation and competition,” said TTXGP’s Azhar Hussain on the TTXGP web site. “It’s crucial that for TTXGP to thrive, we have a rules framework that is inclusive and sensitive to the needs of all the stakeholders.”

Hussain’s forward-thinking at TTXGP has enabled electric motorcycle racing to emerge from nowhere and spring up internationally in just two years. His understanding of the digital world and his commercial prowess at the head of TTXGP now looks likely to help shape the way that governing bodies interact with their constituents and may well revolutionise the way race series are run, with inclusiveness at the core of his methodology.

“Technology is moving too fast for any single person or committee to keep up,” says Hussain. “The net result is a lag that runs into years between what is possible and what is allowed”

“In a world, where product cycles are now being measured in months, this is just too long and is disconnected from market realities. Safety is crucial, of course, but I have found that it is often thrown up as reason without any real science to support it and the net result is promising avenues of research are instantly closed with an untold opportunity cost.”

Once again, well done to the TTXGP for its foresight!


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