What’s all this I hear about “Wikis”?

January 15, 2010

Maybe you heard about the announcement that the TTXGP is putting its Technical Rules up on a wiki for anyone to edit.  Maybe you’ve even gone to the site, at egrandprix.com/wiki , looked around, and decided that you had no idea what to do.

Stay tuned, though, because part of the purpose of this blog is about taking the “Fear Factor” out of editing the Rules wiki.  This is something that you can be a part of.

As a bit of an introduction, a friend recently shared the following video with me, and it does a good job of explaining one of the uses of a wiki, and how one goes about editing it.  Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy.



  1. […] Watch this video to learn how a wiki works and why it is useful for […]

  2. […] platform to support the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki, of which I am the moderator.  I try to publish articles that will help people decide to join the Wiki and publish pointers to help them participate in it […]

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