AGV Backmarker on the TTXGP Technical Rules

January 21, 2010

Mark Gardiner, who also writes the AGV Backmarker column for RoadRacerX.com had some great insights about the technical rules wiki of TTXGP:

A Czar neutralizes potential revolution…

As I noted a few weeks ago, Azhar Hussain—the man who created the TTXGP race on the Isle of Man last year—is now promoting a number of zero-emissions races and also selling a TTXGP production racer called the Mavizen TTX02 http://www.mavizen.com/. Someone was quick to give Azhar the nickname “The Czar.” While I suspect he takes secret pleasure in that tag, it also alluded to the potential conflict-of-interest in that situation. Obviously in that dual role, Azhar could have structured or at least interpreted the TTXGP rules in ways that would give his Mavizen motorcycle an advantage.

Such a conflict of interest and the prospect of competing at a disadvantage might scare potential race teams away from TTXGP, especially now that the FIM has announced a rival ePower championship.

But I have to admit that Azhar has at least temporarily silenced his critics by declaring that the TTXGP rules will be crowd-sourced. He’s appointed an independent moderator of the rules “wiki.” I suppose this is an alternative to either a rules dictatorship or the often-fractious rules committee.

It will be interesting to see how it works in practice. Frankly, at this early stage in the zero-emissions racing world, I’d like to see the simplest rulebook, one that would encourage the most diverse grid.

With that in mind, here are my (complete) suggested rules: Chassis design—two wheels that are in-line when the machine is traveling in a straight line; power train—no internal combustion of fossil fuels.

That’s an interesting take on how to simplify 20 or so pages of technical rules, Mark.  Come on and join the wiki and share those thoughts in the TTXGP laboratory.  If nothing else, it will stimulate some conversation.


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