January 21, 2010

What more does a headline need to say?

A friend shared a link with me to the official website for “Charge”, a movie (in production) about the first TTXGP Race at the Isle of Man in June 2009.  It looks downright amazing, but, as I’ve confessed before, the subject of motorcycle racing is pretty new to me.  Furthermore, when I found out that the movie was directed by Mark Neale, the director of “Faster,” I missed the significance.

I actually watched “Faster” last night and learned that MotoGP racing is a sport filled with homicidal/suicidal maniacs who ride unbelievably powerful motorcycles around twisting, curving tracks designed to make the riders’ wishes (be they homicidal or suicidal) come true.  I also learned that when you watch a rider exit his bike in slow motion, (and by “exit” I mean “get thrown from”), you actually flinch as his body bounces and slides and smashes into the track barrier.

As the film opens, Valentino Rossi, six-time MotoGP champion, is interviewed as he drives (in a car) around what looks to be a race track.  He is describing the power of the 500cc bikes.  “At the beginning when you try the first time the 500, Ahh F@ck!”  And that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

But this movie is not some travelogue about a racing season.  No, this movie includes history, drama (Rossi and his chief rival, Max Biaggi, have a tension between them that is palpable and compelling), action (the track footage is simply amazing) and humor.

The movie recently received the “Best Movie Of the Decade” accolade from RoadRacerX magazine.

Having watched “Faster,” I’m comforted in knowing that the TTXGP film, “Charge,” is in capable hands.

Below is the trailer for “Charge” but be sure to go to the official site to sign up for email updates on the progress of this significant film.



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  2. This is gonna be cool. 🙂 my first ride on a 250 2 stroke I said what Valentino said. Can’t imagine a 500. But those 2 stroke days are gone. 2 stroke is fading away offroad but I miss it. Hard to believe ICE might go away all together but progress and change keep racing exciting. This movie should be a great warm up for what’s to come.

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