Your first steps editing the TTXGP Wiki

January 28, 2010

(Note: My good friend, John Adamo, just wrote up this great guide to getting started on the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki, and I thought it was a great effort at simplifying the procedures involved in your first steps into the Wiki world.)

Don’t know how to get started on the Wiki?

It’s a little hard to get used to, but once you learn it’s pretty easy. Here is a list of steps to help you learn the basics.

0) Watch this video to learn how a wiki works and why it is useful for collaboration.

1) Sign up as a member on the TTXGP Rules Wiki. It’s free. You can’t do any editing without registering and then signing in on each visit.

That’s it! You’re signed in and you can edit. But first lets practice a little. (oh, and later look for an email from the wiki asking you to confirm your signup)

I’ll continue the steps..

2) Click “recent changes” on the left hand navigation. Here you will see all the recent changes to the wiki. Near the top you will see your name and the text…

(User creation log); 04:53 . . ELicious (Talkcontribs) New user account

I created the user “ELicious” for purposes of this article.

3) Click on your user name in the User Creation log line similar to the one above. For example, I would click on “ELicious”.

Now you are presented with a screen that says “Editing User: your user name“.

4) Enter some information about yourself.

5)You can click the button to add a link to your favorite website.

It will put text like this: [http://www.example.com link title] in the text field. Simply replace http://www.example.com with your website and the “link title” with the name of your website.

5) Solve the math puzzle and click save.

If you’re on twitter you can tweet the wiki’s moderator, Harry Mallin, for help.  He’s @eMotoRules on twitter and that’s also his user name on the wiki.  Or email him at hbmallin@gmail.com.

I think I have broken the ice with the lamest suggestion so don’t be timid. Anything semi-constructive goes in a wiki. If you’re like me you were never a fan of reading about history, I would much rather help write it. Wouldn’t you?


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  1. […] of the electric motorcycle industry, moderates and runs the TTXGP Wiki. Check out some tips on how to get started editing the TTXGP Rules Wiki and dive in. Don’t worry about making mistakes, everything can be changed […]

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