Isle of Man to TTXGP: Bye

January 29, 2010

This blog’s mission is twofold: First, it stands as a platform to support the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki, of which I am the moderator.  I try to publish articles that will help people decide to join the Wiki and publish pointers to help them participate in it once they become users.  Second, the blog also serves as a bit of a clearinghouse of TTXGP news.

As part of the second purpose of the blog, keeping up with the news, it’s necessary to report the downs as well as the ups. Definitely a down: Isle of Man splits with TTXGP in ‘bitterly disappointing’ move

Maybe the reasons for this decision by the IOM folks will become clear with time.  I will not speculate here.  The Wiki is separate from the politics of the day, this blog is mainly about the wiki, and as such, is not an appropriate soap box.

The fact of the matter is that the TTXGP still has 14 races in six countries.

The work continues.



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