Azhar Hussain on MotoGPod

February 1, 2010

I was not picked as moderator for the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki because of my expertise in the finer points of motorcycle racing history or because of my intricate knowledge of the inner workings of a motorcycle drivetrain. Azhar picked me precisely because of my “outsiders eyes” and the fresh viewpoint I brought into a sport that is filled with strong opinions and well-set ways.

Because of my involvement in this project, however, I have been diving into some of the history of motorsports and trying to get familiar with some of the knowledge that comes naturally to those of you who have followed the sport your entire lives.

When I want a good long look into the vastness of my own ignorance about motorcycle racing, I tune into MotoGPod, a podcast of motorcycle racing news and discussion moderated by Jim Race, Jules Cisek, and Bob Hayes, three guys who could probably talk for hours in my presence without me interrupting them with anything constructive to add to the conversation.  Last week’s show, however, was a rare exception to that rule.  Jules Cisek interviewed Azhar Hussain about the Wiki project.

His interview begins at 1:10:00 into the podcast.  “We encourage anybody who knows anything to come and be a part of it.”

Give it a listen, if for no other reason than to hear him say that I have “a legal mind” and that I’m looking through the rules and keeping them “intellectually credible.”   It’s my new ring tone.

Azhar makes some great points on this podcast, including:

  • if it’s a good idea and we can put it in, we will.
  • what’s really driven this is that technology is moving too fast for any single individual or any group of individuals to know what’s going on.
  • we want to include the people and countries who have been excluded from the motorcycle racing rules creation process
  • TTXGP can only exist if we stay at the leading edge of technology

Lots more in the 12 minute interview.

Find the podcast here:

Thanks, also to Jim Race and Jules Cisek for registering as users on the Wiki.  Looking forward to your contributions to the project.



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