Your Wiki Needs You

February 4, 2010

The eGrandPrix website decided that the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki needed a bit more attention on the main site.  They ask me to write a bit of an introduction to the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki, complete with a brief “who am I” section.  And yes, there’s a picture of me on it.  Please try to stagger your page views so as not to crash the eGrandPrix.com servers.  Here’s a preview:

Why a wiki?

The ability to edit the rules will allow them to be a dynamic document that can change as we watch the current racing series develop. Anything that becomes an “issue” during this season – safety? electrical? design? – can be addressed quickly and put in place in time for the 2011 series. Rules and changes that make sense will rise to the top. Rules and changes that don’t make sense will be discarded. It becomes more than a document – it becomes a point of pride for all who contributed.

Go take a look and see if you recognize yourself as one of the categories of potential contributers.



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