More from Azhar on the Isle of Man

February 11, 2010

I was afraid that the following comment by Azhar Hussain on RoadRacerX.com would get lost in the “comment shuffle.”  Given the transitory nature of blog posts, articles, the web and our lives in general, not everyone reads comments.  I just thought it was particularly classy of him, given the pressure he’s likely under as a result of some of the heavy duty drama going on in his chosen endeavor.  Make sure to read Mark Gardiner’s series of articles on the issue.  So far, this current article is Part 1 of at least two parts.

The Isle of Man is a wonderful place. The tradition of road racing that has developed over the century is something to behold. Like Mark says, you have to be there to experience it. It really is magical. The dedication of the various people involved from the TTMA to the fans is to be commended, no matter what they think of TTXGP.

I will go back privately to see friends and enjoy the feeling of companionship that you can only get from an Island that gets lost in the pace of a the wider world. I still have a pebble on my desk from a beach just outside Ramsey to remember better times.

I would not want this affair to paint a bad impression of the Isle of Man as whole. The Isle of Man is full of good people, with great stories and an awesome landscape. Whatever happens in 2010, can’t forget the fact that in 2009 at least, for a brief moment they certainly lived up to their tag line “freedom to flourish”.

Everybody in the EV industry owes the people of the Manx, a thank you for being instrumental in igniting the spark that started the revolution. if they hadn’t allowed TTXGP to borrow the proud heritage of pushing the limit, then we would not be part of anything… and the world would be poorer for it.

Azhar Hussain
TTXGP – The eGrandPrix.


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