EMXGP Email from eGrandPrix

March 4, 2010

Here is the email from eGrandPrix today, announcing the move of the EMXGP electric vehicle race from Levallois Paris, France, to “an alternative major European city venue with a mid October launch date.”  More details below:

Dear Team member,

EMXGP was due to be launched during the GP-Elec event this June in partnership with the City of Levallois, Paris. Since announcing our intentions in November, we have been working hard to deliver a world class event. To date we have had over 50 expressions of interest from teams, some of whom we have engaged with to research and understand the needs and requirements that you, as a potential team may have as well as examine how this event can best benefit you.

As a result of this feedback, and understanding that the single most important factor is to provide more preparation time, we have taken the difficult decision to move the launch of EMXGP to an alternative major European city venue with a mid October launch date. This will allow all the participating teams more time to build as well as allow EMXGP to create a much bigger and more useful event; integrating the launch of EMXGP into a larger programme of zero carbon racing and a carbon conference to examine the wider energy crisis and every day green technology solutions.

We feel that this revised plan would have major benefits for the teams as well as your commercial partners, sponsors and the EV industry as a whole. We will work with you to furnish your sponsors and partners with the information they need to be satisfied this new venue is a fantastic and exciting opportunity with a carefully thought out infrastructure and marketing plan. Changing public perceptions will be the key to growth in our market place and the event we are planning aims to do just that; enabling us to build a commercially as well as an environmentally sustainable future in motorsport.

Please accept our apologies for this change in planning, we can assure you the decision was made after much thought and deliberation and importantly for the benefit of all those directly involved. Over the next 7 days (from March 2/2010), both EMXGP and our partners will be sharing with you all the necessary information about the much bigger launch event and hope you will join us as we continue to build the most inclusive zero carbon motorsport series in the world in partnership with you.

Kind regards,

Azhar Hussain



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