Wiki Activity points out need for Eco-Friendly Statement

April 15, 2010

There has been a lot of activity on the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki these past few weeks.  Thank you to the many active users who have taken the time to comment on and change the rules of electric motorcycle racing.  One issue that has come up several times prompted me to make a suggestion on the Community Portal Discussion page.  Feel free to read it here, but if you have an opinion or viewpoint you’d like to share, please log on to the Wiki and add your valuable contributions to the debate.

Provisions about use of Recycled Materials, Other “Eco-friendly” Ideas

An unvoiced debate of sorts is going on in several rules on the wiki. A user adds a provision requiring the use of, for example, tires containing a certain percentage of recycled material. Next, another user deletes or reverts that edit, stating that, while the idea of using recycled material has some benefit, requiring the same in the rules could have a detrimental effect on racing teams because the cost of such materials may be prohibitive, or the availability may be limited, etc.

The eGrandPrix certainly focuses on the “zero-emissions” aspect of racing and prides itself on this aspect of its entrants. Still, it wants to fill the grid and not erect any more barriers to entry than already exist by the very fact that teams must either build their own bikes from scratch (e.g. Motoczysz), convert an ICE bike into an electric bike, or purchase a bike from the — so far — limited number of companies manufacturing electric motorcycles (e.g. Mavizen).

Both viewpoints have merit. Can a compromise of sorts be reached? I would suggest the drafting of a new rule along the lines of a statement of principle, recognizing the importance of keeping the carbon footprint of the TTXGP as small as possible (with references to various materials that could be used in the construction of the bike, alternative lubricants/coolants, etc.). This rule would not require teams to use these “green” options, but would likely have the effect of encouraging the Team engineers to make environmentally conscious decisions in the construction and operation of their machines. EMotoRules 19:29, 15 April 2010 (UTC)



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