On the Wiki: Transmitting Data from Bike to Team; Team to Bike; Bike to World

April 26, 2010

Another captivating discussion is occurring on the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki today.   Morris Packer, owner of Morris Motorcycles and the chief of one of the teams racing in the UK series of the TTXGP, has changed a rule concerning the transmission of data (such as battery charge level) from the bike to the team.  Meanwhile, User:Payo, who is also behind the Open Moto X team, has added a provision to the rule banning all transmission from the team to the bike (a/k/a “PTW” for “powered two wheeler.”)

The current version of the rule, following these edits, (but which, by the time you read it, may have changed), is:

Electronic Transmission/Receiving

Transmission (data sent from PTW to the team)

Transmission is allowed at all times, including all available technical data and all data recorded of any device onboard vehicle and/or rider. Teams are required to log all transmissions and copy all transmitted content, and if requested by race officials hand over copies in digital format. The race officials may use the collected data to resolve protests and disputes. Each team may decide if their surrendered data should be held private or released as Creative Commons. Any teams that intend to transmit real time data publicly should pre-announce this at the riders meeting.

Receiving (data sent to the PTW from the team)

It is illegal for the PTW to receive data sent from the team. Teams suspected of infringing this rule will be fined 10,000 EUR (13,000 USD, 8,700 GBP) and disqualified from the subsequent TTXGP race.

Don’t forget to check out the Talk page of the rule, where the real debate is occurring, including the innovative idea of an open-sourced database of all information collected from each bike and each team:

Maybe we should extend it so that after each race team are encouraged (by yet another statement of principle!?) to submit their data to an open-access TTXGP database. The source of the data could be anonymised if teams are sensitive about it. This would give anyone wanting to investigate ways to improve the performance of PTWs and associated technology (including other race teams, commercial R+D departments and academics) access to a really big (and therefore hugely useful) data set.

If you’re a race fan, a team, a manufacturer, or a rider, why aren’t you registered on the wiki and joining in on the genesis of electric racing rules?



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