Werkstatt Blogs the TTXGP

May 3, 2010

Werkstatt Racing just began blogging: My TTXGP Adventure.  A must-read for TTXGP fans, and it already has some background about the time that the first considered racing in the TTXGP — not going to spoil that here — go to the blog!

Also, Jennifer Bromme has reopened the opportunity for folks to help sponsor the team.  Her announcement, below:

“Hi everybody,

Thanks again for your help! In light of the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico I think it is getting more and more important to show that we need to move to alternative vehicles. We need to show that electric vehicles are a viable means for transport and that they are not a niche anymore but competitive and mainstream!

Please let everybody know about the TTXGP Electric Race Series which will show that it is possible to wean off oil without compromising fun!

We opened another fundraiser on indiegogo: http://bit.ly/cwL2sS.
Please take a minute and pass this on to others that would be interested in being part of making this amazing race a success, and be part of history. Get Jennifer Bromme to race a state of the art electric motorcycle at the TTXGP. We still need grassroots funding, every little bit helps! I have also attached a video stating the mission of Mavizen, which I think sums it up pretty good. Thanks!




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