MotoGPod Interviews Werkstatt

May 6, 2010

Jim Race of MotoGPod.com interviewed Jennifer Bromme of Werkstatt racing.  Link to the interview is here.

Jim interviewed Jennifer shortly after she found out that the Mavizen TTX02 (serial number 001) was in the air, on its way to San Francisco.  In the days ahead she will be having an Ohlins suspension installed on the bike, attending a party on May 14 at the San Francisco Motorcycle Club with the bike and the TTXGP people and anyone else who cares to attend, getting in some practice at Infineon on a bike other than the Mavizen, and getting as many sponsorships and grass roots investors as she can.

According to the interview, the first chance she will have to actually ride the Mavizen on the track will be during Friday’s practice at 3:00pm.  Crazy.

Jennifer also said that she will be updating her new blog with as much information as she can: http://www.werkstattsf.com/blog-section/index.html

Information on how you can become a part of this effort and help this team reach its funding goals: http://www.indiegogo.com/Be-Part-of-History-and-the-Electric-Motorycle-TTXGP

It’s a great interview, and it’s only 28 minutes long (a Jim Race record?).  Definitely worth a listen.

Werkstatt's Mavizen, ready to load onto the jet.



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