July 28, 2010

On January 11, 2010, the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki went live, opening a portal into the future of rulemaking for motorsports.  We invited all interested parties to come and help shape the rules for electric motorcycle racing and announced that the guiding principle would be to “include on merit by default, and then to look for reasons to exclude.”  In other words, when the Wiki “closed,” the hope would be to include all changes unless there were good reason (e.g. safety-related) to forgo the change.

While that still remains the guiding principle, a slight change has been made to the idea of “closing” the Wiki.  If you recall, the Wiki was going to be closed sometime in August, 2010, at which point the Technical Advisory Panel would begin sifting through the contributions for the final draft of the 2011 Technical Rules.  The original announcement said little about the fate of the Wiki after August 2010.

The success of the Wiki (over 19,000 visits to the main page alone in the past six months) has led the TTXGP to decide to encourage the continuation of fan and team interest in the rules by leaving the Wiki open indefinitely.  It will continue to remain a vital, growing, and changing document.  In the interest of drafting the rules for the 2011 TTXGP racing series, however, a “snapshot” of the Wiki will be taken on August 15, 2010, the day of the final race of the North American TTXGP racing championship, at VIR in Southern Virginia, USA.

If you have any ideas that you think should be considered by the TTXGP Technical Advisory Panel when it meets to determine the 2011 Rules, you have a limited amount of time to get those ideas submitted.  There are two ways to do so:

Find the rule you think needs to be “tweaked” (or submit a new rule) on the Technical Rules Wiki at wiki.egrandprix.com

Submit your idea on the TTXGP Webstorm at ttxgp.brightidea.com/webstorm. If you’re familiar with internet forums, you’ll recognize the layout of the webstorm.  If “wiki” editing doesn’t intimidate you, perhaps the Wiki is your tool of choice.  Either way, you have approximately 2 weeks left before the Wiki Snapshot is taken.  Be the change.  Be part of it.


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