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TTXGP on The Rules and SWIGZ

November 11, 2010

I recently asked Azhar Hussain, CEO of TTXGP about a recent dust-up involving the 2011 rules (which should be out any day now) and a claim by one of the teams which had planned to participate in 2011, that it would be excluded from the races because of a new weight limit.  (More on the specifics of the weights, the rules, and the claims, later).

TTXGP responded with this message:

TTXGP are very surprised and disappointed to learn via twitter that Swigz are choosing not to join TTXGP in 2011.

TTXGP 2011 will consist of two classes: Formula GP (maximum weight: 250kg) and Formula 75 (maximum weight: 200kg + 7.5kWh limit). The race length is 20miles. was a key channel for rule deliberation. The rule book is open sourced, Harry Mallin of eMotoRules was involved in pulling together the suggested changes for rules of TTXGP 2011. They were then peer reviewed by the independent technical committee from the IET.

TTXGP is not a one man, one company show. Be Part of it is more than a tagline.

It was apparent over the 2010 season that a single class could not meet the best interests of the teams, fans or sponsors. The field was too wide. In this case TTXGP consulted widely, acted responsibly, in the best interest of the sport, community and majority of teams.

The economics of running a racing series means that classes have to be connected to number of entries. Our concern was to create classes that will have the highest number of entries and give the participants a level playing field. We are by nature committed to removing limits where possible.

TTXGP launched the Electric Motorcycle Motorsports in the world stage in 2009. In that time we, as an industry, have learnt a great deal that could move forward the progress and innovation. A key motivating factor for us and the current teams is to build vehicles that have real world applicability. Driving down mass for higher speed leads to higher efficiency and better design and fits in with the goals of the teams and the series.

To date, the rule changes have had a positive response and the teams are encouraged that we have created some sensible classes that will grow the field. Racing needs to both push and constrain to create real world innovation and a thrilling spectacle, in this case we are satisfied that we have struck the right balance for the greater good.

Using the conflict of interest with respect to Mavizen is a moot point. Mavizen exists purely to provide technical support, spare parts, expertise and on occasion, complete platforms to those that need it. No team is required to use Mavizen, though over the year, it has proved crucial to many.

In addition to the class changes, 2011 will also see solutions for logistics and a focused effort to promote the TTXGP teams across the world.

We wish Swigz well in whatever they decide to do.



Azhar talks about the Wiki

June 1, 2010

TTXGP CEO, Azhar Hussain, recently gave an interview to the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Assoaciations (FEMA) and, among other subjects, had some comments to make about the Technical Rules Wiki:

Azhar Hussain: Because the space for innovations is so incredibly huge, we also decided to rely on a Wiki to come up with the rules for the TTXGP 2011.

FEMA: Who makes the rules for the TTXGP races?

A.H.: Usually within a racing organization there is a committee setting the rules. In popular racing series, like MotoGP and Formula 1 the rules serve to keep the races exciting but also to tap development costs. The more sophisticated the rules, the smaller the space for innovation. A small space for innovation in turn leads to a reduced risk of spending money for research and development as well as reducing the goals for wider applicability.

High recognition within the racing community is usually an important condition to become part of the rule setting committing. The result is insiders making the rules for insiders, output from outside is not captured and new ideas can hardly take form and the series becomes remote from wider social, commercial and technical objectives. In order to avoid such phenomena we came up with the idea to create a Wiki to decide on the rules for the TTXGP in 2011. We invite contributions

FEMA: A Wiki is an online platform that allows people to post and to edit and to comment texts or ideas on certain topics, just like Wikipedia. Does that mean that the rules for the TTXGP next year will be decided upon by whoever gives his or her input?

A.H.: In our sector, development and innovation takes place incredibly fast. In order to not miss anything, we invite everybody to participate setting the rules for the TTXGP 2011. Everybody who is interested in motorcycles, battery technology, electronics and mechanics is invited to join. We think this is the best way to keep track with recent developments. Finally a committee of experts will evaluate all the suggestions made and tailor manageable rules and standards. That’s how we try to keep our room for innovation as open as possible.

The rest of the article is filled with great information and insights on the world of electric motorcycles and electric motorcycle racing, as well.



MotoGPod Interviews Werkstatt

May 6, 2010

Jim Race of interviewed Jennifer Bromme of Werkstatt racing.  Link to the interview is here.

Jim interviewed Jennifer shortly after she found out that the Mavizen TTX02 (serial number 001) was in the air, on its way to San Francisco.  In the days ahead she will be having an Ohlins suspension installed on the bike, attending a party on May 14 at the San Francisco Motorcycle Club with the bike and the TTXGP people and anyone else who cares to attend, getting in some practice at Infineon on a bike other than the Mavizen, and getting as many sponsorships and grass roots investors as she can.

According to the interview, the first chance she will have to actually ride the Mavizen on the track will be during Friday’s practice at 3:00pm.  Crazy.

Jennifer also said that she will be updating her new blog with as much information as she can:

Information on how you can become a part of this effort and help this team reach its funding goals:

It’s a great interview, and it’s only 28 minutes long (a Jim Race record?).  Definitely worth a listen.

Werkstatt's Mavizen, ready to load onto the jet.



“Let’s Get to Werk”

April 16, 2010

More information on the Werkstatt Team’s effort to raise sponsorship for their participation in the TTXGPNorth American Series.  First, an appeal by Azhar Hussain, the CEO of and TTXGP, followed by a request by Jennifer Werkstatt, the leader of their team:

Dear Friends,

You will find below an email from Jennifer Werkstatt, a talented and accomplished female motorcycle racer and mechanic from San Francisco and leading an all American team into TTXGP North America 2010.

They are looking to raise money by reaching out to the wider community. Be wonderful if you can contribute and spread the word. This allows us as individuals to make a difference and push innovation not just on the track but also around it.

This team is a grass root effort and we have made a special effort to get them to the grid. But we can’t do it alone.  For a modest investment, this is a chance to be part of a larger, historic, moment not just in motorsport but also in the evolution of transportation. TTXGP is the first motorsport championship in US history not to use gasoline. This is your chance to claim a part of it.

All the details are below. I hope you will consider contributing and sharing it with your friends and colleagues. The race day is less than 4 weeks away so they need your support now.

In any event, I hope to see you all at Infineon on May 15 as we kick off the great adventure.

Kind regards,


_ _ _ _ _ _

Hi all,

Here is an exciting project I’m involved in, and I need your help! You might have heard about the TTXGP ( ), first ever electric motorcycle race series. It premiered at the Isle of Man TT last year, and now it’s coming to our home track, Infineon raceway, on May 16th, to run with the AMA Nationals!

We are entered, but now need to get the funds together to rent a Mavizen ( ) and race it in this inaugural event. The team consists of me, Carolyn Coquilette at , hybrid specialist in SF, Anton Bertaux, Jeremy LaTrasse, Ivan Thelin and a bunch of other great people.

We are really passionate about furthering alternative energies, and electric bikes are the future.  It would be great to put another local team on the grid and showcase that electric bikes are viable!

We need to raise about $20k for this first race, and about $95k to do the whole series and go to Spain to race against the UK and European teams. And we need to be able to come up with about $20k by Tuesday. I think we can do it, but we need your help!

If you want to be part of this grassroots effort and make history, please consider making a contribution here: , we would super appreciate it!

And you can also read more about it here:

[Thanks for link love, Jennifer!]

Thanks for your time, please distribute this to anybody that might have an interest, keep you fingers crossed, deadline is next Tuesday, make a donation and hopefully see you on May 16th at Infineon on the grid!

Cheers, Jennifer

Jennifer Bromme

Werkstatt Racing and Repair

3248 17th St

San Francisco, CA 94110

Phone 415-552-8115

Fax 415-552-8182



Wiki Activity points out need for Eco-Friendly Statement

April 15, 2010

There has been a lot of activity on the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki these past few weeks.  Thank you to the many active users who have taken the time to comment on and change the rules of electric motorcycle racing.  One issue that has come up several times prompted me to make a suggestion on the Community Portal Discussion page.  Feel free to read it here, but if you have an opinion or viewpoint you’d like to share, please log on to the Wiki and add your valuable contributions to the debate.

Provisions about use of Recycled Materials, Other “Eco-friendly” Ideas

An unvoiced debate of sorts is going on in several rules on the wiki. A user adds a provision requiring the use of, for example, tires containing a certain percentage of recycled material. Next, another user deletes or reverts that edit, stating that, while the idea of using recycled material has some benefit, requiring the same in the rules could have a detrimental effect on racing teams because the cost of such materials may be prohibitive, or the availability may be limited, etc.

The eGrandPrix certainly focuses on the “zero-emissions” aspect of racing and prides itself on this aspect of its entrants. Still, it wants to fill the grid and not erect any more barriers to entry than already exist by the very fact that teams must either build their own bikes from scratch (e.g. Motoczysz), convert an ICE bike into an electric bike, or purchase a bike from the — so far — limited number of companies manufacturing electric motorcycles (e.g. Mavizen).

Both viewpoints have merit. Can a compromise of sorts be reached? I would suggest the drafting of a new rule along the lines of a statement of principle, recognizing the importance of keeping the carbon footprint of the TTXGP as small as possible (with references to various materials that could be used in the construction of the bike, alternative lubricants/coolants, etc.). This rule would not require teams to use these “green” options, but would likely have the effect of encouraging the Team engineers to make environmentally conscious decisions in the construction and operation of their machines. EMotoRules 19:29, 15 April 2010 (UTC)



Agni, Mavizen, and TTXGP at Ally Pally

February 26, 2010

I just noticed in this week’s TTXGP newsletter that it will be an exhibitor at the Ace Cafe London Motorcycle and Custom Show which will be at the Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally) (Wood Green, London N22 7AY), this weekend, February 26-28, 2010.

The TTXGP 2009 winners, Agni Motors, will be on the main Ace Cafe stage in the main hall, with live interviews with the team on Sunday.  In addition, Mavizen and TTXGP will be in the West Ace Cafe Corridor.



Azhar Hussain on MotoGPod

February 1, 2010

I was not picked as moderator for the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki because of my expertise in the finer points of motorcycle racing history or because of my intricate knowledge of the inner workings of a motorcycle drivetrain. Azhar picked me precisely because of my “outsiders eyes” and the fresh viewpoint I brought into a sport that is filled with strong opinions and well-set ways.

Because of my involvement in this project, however, I have been diving into some of the history of motorsports and trying to get familiar with some of the knowledge that comes naturally to those of you who have followed the sport your entire lives.

When I want a good long look into the vastness of my own ignorance about motorcycle racing, I tune into MotoGPod, a podcast of motorcycle racing news and discussion moderated by Jim Race, Jules Cisek, and Bob Hayes, three guys who could probably talk for hours in my presence without me interrupting them with anything constructive to add to the conversation.  Last week’s show, however, was a rare exception to that rule.  Jules Cisek interviewed Azhar Hussain about the Wiki project.

His interview begins at 1:10:00 into the podcast.  “We encourage anybody who knows anything to come and be a part of it.”

Give it a listen, if for no other reason than to hear him say that I have “a legal mind” and that I’m looking through the rules and keeping them “intellectually credible.”   It’s my new ring tone.

Azhar makes some great points on this podcast, including:

  • if it’s a good idea and we can put it in, we will.
  • what’s really driven this is that technology is moving too fast for any single individual or any group of individuals to know what’s going on.
  • we want to include the people and countries who have been excluded from the motorcycle racing rules creation process
  • TTXGP can only exist if we stay at the leading edge of technology

Lots more in the 12 minute interview.

Find the podcast here:

Thanks, also to Jim Race and Jules Cisek for registering as users on the Wiki.  Looking forward to your contributions to the project.