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Rules Wiki 2011 open for business.

January 25, 2011


TTXGP has always been known for being ahead of the pack. In a brand new sport where innovation and technological development are at the heart of the race, how should TTXGP develop rules that encourage innovation and invite new participants while preserving the safety of riders, race stewards and fans?

TTXGP began addressing this questions when, in early 2009, it commissioned an independent panel of international experts in all disciplines relating to emissions transport technology brought together from its membership by the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology). In 2010, TTXGP decided to cast its net further by starting a Rules Wiki as a forum for all interested parties to weigh-in with ideas about the rules. After the success of last year’s Rules Wiki, TTXGP has again enlisted the help of the very best Wiki Moderator, EV enthusiast Harry Mallin, to give you an opportunity to have your thoughts heard and us an opportunity to ensure we have the widest possible thought leadership and contribution in 2011:-

Harry said “The Wiki is updated with the current set of technical rules ready for everyone to contribute to, peruse, and debate. You may have joined it in 2010, but it’s time to stop lurking and let us know what you want the Rules to be for 2012.

The 2011 Rules caused a little controversy with the creation of two classes and with the reduction of the weight limit from 300kg to 250kg to encourage innovation in design and efficiency of power delivery, while sustaining the promise of an exciting and competitive field. Rather than talking about the implications from the sidelines, here’s your chance, yet again, to actually have a say in what the rules for electric motorcycle racing ought to be. Please share the wisdom and passion that comes from years of development and work in research labs, universities, and garages and on racetracks and roads all over the world. Your contribution is both valued and necessary.”

TTXGP – be part of it.



On the Wiki: Transmitting Data from Bike to Team; Team to Bike; Bike to World

April 26, 2010

Another captivating discussion is occurring on the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki today.   Morris Packer, owner of Morris Motorcycles and the chief of one of the teams racing in the UK series of the TTXGP, has changed a rule concerning the transmission of data (such as battery charge level) from the bike to the team.  Meanwhile, User:Payo, who is also behind the Open Moto X team, has added a provision to the rule banning all transmission from the team to the bike (a/k/a “PTW” for “powered two wheeler.”)

The current version of the rule, following these edits, (but which, by the time you read it, may have changed), is:

Electronic Transmission/Receiving

Transmission (data sent from PTW to the team)

Transmission is allowed at all times, including all available technical data and all data recorded of any device onboard vehicle and/or rider. Teams are required to log all transmissions and copy all transmitted content, and if requested by race officials hand over copies in digital format. The race officials may use the collected data to resolve protests and disputes. Each team may decide if their surrendered data should be held private or released as Creative Commons. Any teams that intend to transmit real time data publicly should pre-announce this at the riders meeting.

Receiving (data sent to the PTW from the team)

It is illegal for the PTW to receive data sent from the team. Teams suspected of infringing this rule will be fined 10,000 EUR (13,000 USD, 8,700 GBP) and disqualified from the subsequent TTXGP race.

Don’t forget to check out the Talk page of the rule, where the real debate is occurring, including the innovative idea of an open-sourced database of all information collected from each bike and each team:

Maybe we should extend it so that after each race team are encouraged (by yet another statement of principle!?) to submit their data to an open-access TTXGP database. The source of the data could be anonymised if teams are sensitive about it. This would give anyone wanting to investigate ways to improve the performance of PTWs and associated technology (including other race teams, commercial R+D departments and academics) access to a really big (and therefore hugely useful) data set.

If you’re a race fan, a team, a manufacturer, or a rider, why aren’t you registered on the wiki and joining in on the genesis of electric racing rules?



Warm-up Laps for Electric Motorcycles – Pro/Con

April 23, 2010

A discussion on the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki is commencing on the issue of whether warm-up laps are necessary or advisable for races involving electric motorcycles.   Here is a clear example of something that would seem indispensable for an I.C.E. bike, but which could work to the disadvantage of an electrically-powered one.   If you have an opinion about this issue, please join the wiki and join the discussion.



Inspiration for New Rules

March 5, 2010

Some further thoughts about what might need to be included in the TTXGP Technical Rules for 2011 might come to those who peruse these pages, borrowed from the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association rules from 2009.  Take a look, and if something strikes you as necessary to add to the rules governing the racing of electric motorcycles, feel free to log on and add them to the Wiki.

View this document on Scribd



New Day, New Rules?

January 22, 2010

I just posted this at on the TTXGP Rules Wiki.  Read it, edit it, discuss it here:

How about an additional award/medal/trophy for most energy-efficient bike?

I wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone had any thoughts about this. What if, in addition to the TT (time trial) aspect of the TTXGP, there was an additional prize related to the most energy efficient bike. It could be based on total kW or kWh used during the race. Granted, this would favor lighter bikes with lighter riders, but perhaps an additional award and an added bit of complexity could be thrown in with some sort of formula that addressed the weight. Thus, there would be a “least kilowatts used” and a “most efficient use of kilowatts per pound” award class.

While speed and handling is what wins races, I think the TTXGP should be about something more than the traditional “what wins races” model. If electric racing is to endure, the “range issue” needs to be addressed with an innovative mind, too. EMotoRules 21:04, 19 January 2010 (UTC)