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Square Wave Racing Needs Help, too

May 7, 2010

Another team striving to get to the TTXGP grid is requesting help from the grassroots racing fan community.  Square Wave Racing (SWR) has posted a donation page on  Here’s some information about the team:

Square Wave Racing (SWR) needs your help getting to the first TTXGP Zero Emission motorcycle race for 2010!

SWR developed a powerful and competitive electric motorcycle hand-fabricated from a local garage. The team is a true motley crew formed for two reasons only….. promote the electric revolution and win TTXGP races! We need your help though. We are looking for any help or assistance with transportation and shipping costs to get all the way from Columbus, Ohio to the Infineon Raceway in California.

SWR is a partnership between fabricator/team principal John Wild and Sean C. Ewing and Jordan Rhyne of Rhyne Electric Powersports (REP). This partnership was formed to design, build and race an electric motorcycle.

For us, electric vehicles are the future. Electricity from the grid is generated at tightly regulated power plants in large quantities. It is produced more cleanly and efficiently than power produced by a gasoline burning engine. There are zero emissions from the electric vehicle itself. Electric vehicles are quiet, which is a pleasant feature as our world becomes more crowded

Those are the official reasons for going electric racing. For us there are other reasons that are more exciting.

Super bike and MotoGP racing use motorcycle designs that have been refined for decades. The rule books enforce a uniformity of pattern that benefits the established motorcycle producers but slows improvement and keeps the cost of developmentREALLY high. Essentially, only the factory teams have the ability to spend enough money to make the tiny, subtle improvements that make a bike lead the points for a season. If the rules would allow free development motorcycles might begin to look different and change in unexpected ways.

The organizers of the TTXGP have designed their rules to encourage creativity and unconventional thinking, which is very attractive to Rhyne Electric Powersports andSWR. We want to try new ideas, not just polish the well tested and proven ones. We believe that we can imagine solutions to the problems that limit electric vehicles and advance the state of the art very quickly. Also, because the state of the art is currently rather crude, significant improvements can be made for relatively little cost. This is the first year for electric motorcycle racing in North America. We only began our collaboration in February of this year, so making the first races with our donated motorcycle chassis will be a tremendous achievement.

Columbus, Ohio, United States

These guys are building a great-looking bike and seem to have a creative and talented team in place.  Check out their bike’s project page at and Rhyne Electric Powersports page at to check them out.  Then, drop by their donation page and help them out.

See you at Infineon, guys!